What’s in the Box?


What’s in the Box?

“What’s in the box!”

I remember Brad Pitt screaming that line in one of my favourite movies of all time “Seven”. Now I promise that what is in the box pictured above isn’t anywhere as gruesome as what was in the box Brad was screaming about.

Nah. On the contrary.

What’s in the box is a gift, a dream, a fresh start, and my writing future.

I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a professional writer ever since I gave my mom goosebumps with one of my earliest short stories in grade 5 called “The Haunted Jacket“. And for most of my adult life I’ve been chipping away at making that dream come true. But at some point I had another dream, “I want to be a business man”.

Right after university these two dreams merged and I decided I was going to become a self-published author and grow to having my own publishing company. Now although I have created some stuff I am very proud of, I haven’t quite hit the heights I’ve set for myself.

So now years later, as I sit older and a tiny bit wiser from those days where the dream was first ignited, it still burns in me. So I wonder why I haven’t gotten to where I want to be. There are a myriad of answers to that. But I think one of them is that I tried to do too many things on my own. I remember spending months trying to learn how to code just to build a website to promote my book. Also designing my covers when anyone who knows me know’s I’m not the most artistically inclined. The great thing about taking on so many tasks is that I learned alot. But it took a long time and in that time life happens that can throw you off course and delay things even more.

“Ok Seth, That’s good and everything but what’s in the box for real?”

Oh. I’m not ready to tell you that yet. As I start to lean away from the kid adventure books and make more content for grown folks, I don’t want to do it alone this time. I definitely want to partner with people who can help make these crazy ideas in my head become lucrative realities.

So what’s in the box? A little request to two people who I think can help me do just that. The thing is they don’t know this request is coming. It’s a surprise. And maybe I’ll never know what they truly think about it. They are major players in the industry so maybe they get things like this very often and mine might get tossed aside with the rest of them. But regardless it was important for me to get out of my comfort zone and reach out to people that want to work together to make big ideas become big realities. This is just the beginning.