Crawlers: An Audio Horror Story

Crawlers Banner.JPG

If you checked out Random: The Audio Book or Road to WIlkonshire then you may or may not have noticed that I love bringing stories to life through audio. I guess it’s partly the accessibility of doing things through audio but also the immersive experience that you can get being drawn into a story that plays like a movie for your ears.

Recently I found a story that was perfect for this experience. I just had to turn it into an audio story. It’s called Crawlers by Michael Tippett. It actually had the honour of winning the 2018 NYC Midnight Short Story contest. It’s an apocalyptic horror story about a young family trying to survive a world where creepy crawling alien like creatures have infested the planet and wreaked havoc on humanity.

Putting this together and bringing this story to life was such a fun experience. I hope you enjoy the ride. Listen to it below and check out the credits to see all of the elements involved in making it a reality.