What is Ruby Rogue?

Sometimes the rumbling in their empty stomachs could drown out the sounds of the howling winds. For Ruby and her brother Kendall, trying to survive in the medieval town of Wilkonshire was an everyday struggle. Abandoned orphans like them were called Wilkonshire Rogues. Nobody helped them. They had to do what ever they could to survive. Lying, stealing, begging, escaping capture, and finding shelter were part of their daily routine. Ruby desperately wanted to break that routine.

When she sees a royal guard unwittingly drop a necklace filled with sparkling gems, she thinks stealing that one item could lift her out of her life of misery and hopelessness. Will it?

Join Seth Gumbs as he takes you on an adventure filled with action, suspense, and drama, featuring the most exciting young heroine in literature today. Ruby will certainly capture your heart but will she capture that necklace? Find out in Seth's newest novel Ruby Rogue. Coming soon. 

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Special Sneak Preview

So here are the first 3 chapters of Ruby Rogue for you to enjoy. Feel free to contact Seth Gumbs on twitter @TheFreshPen to let him know what you think of the story so far.