1. Each author has 100 words to advance the plot and continue the story where the previous author left off.

2. It is perfectly fine for the 100 word limit to be reached mid sentence so that the next author would have to continue from there.

3. The author can end and begin chapters at their own discretion as long as it's within the 100 word limit.

If you are interested in being one of the 100 authors of the book. Send an email to TheFreshPenOfTO@gmail.com with the subject "100 authors".

Also include a link to your website, a picture and some links to your work. Then I'll let you know if you are accepted and what number author you are.

For any other questions feel free to email TheFreshPenOfTO@gmail.com.

Readers, if you have any suggestions of up and coming writers that you would like to see contribute, let them know on social media about the project and let me know too so I can pitch the idea to them. Just send me an email at TheFreshPenOfTO@gmail.com and we'll hook it up.