The journey begins on November 17th 2017

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Join Seth Gumbs at the McLean Community Centre in Ajax, Ontario for the most innovative and interactive storytelling experience there is. Seth takes the audience on adventure to the ruthless notorious medieval town known as the Wilkonshire. This is an absolutely free event for everyone that loves a good medieval tale. But it will be told in a way that has never been done before.

Also get a chance to meet and greet this exciting writer, plus purchase some of his books like Mission: Save Lake Wick and Random. 

What is The Road To Wilkonshire?

Ruby Rogue is coming soon...

 Ruby is coming soon....

Ruby is coming soon....

But before we get to, Ruby Rogue, exciting novel by Seth Gumbs, let's take a look at the ruthless medieval town that she will have to survive and some of the intriguing characters she will meet when she gets there. 


Some of these characters she will meet for just mere

moments, others will have an integral part in her life. Regardless, they each have their own stories to tell about how they survive the Wilkonshire and how they journeyed there in the first place.

The Road to Wilkonshire takes a unique approach to telling of these stories. With the wild imagination of Seth narrating the tales, the fantastic musical beats of Mr. Kooman, and the various voice talents of voice artists from all over the world, you'll get a musical journey through the Wilkonshire that you will never forget.


See The Road to Wilkonshire Live

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Seth Gumbs, the dynamic storyteller and writer has brought the characters of The Road to Wilkonshire to life. He has produced an interactive storytelling show that takes the audience on a journey along the road to Wilkonshire and ultimately into that ruthless town itself. The audience controls their own fate as they survive the perils, twist and turns that the town provides. 

Do you want the Road to Wilkonshire to come through your event, library, or party? Contact Seth for more details. Make sure to include information about your event, or organization and add "R2W Live" to the subject line. 



Hear The Road to Wilkonshire

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Can't wait to see The Road to Wilkonshire? You can hear the stories of these characters that Ruby will meet on her journey below. Written, edited, and narrated by Seth Gumbs, featuring music produced by Mr. Kooman and voice talents of the Fiverr community.